Follow these steps to guarantee a successful event!

Organizing a virtual event is great but making it a real success is better!

Taking your events digital may seem daunting, but we can assure you that it’ll be one of the best decisions you will make!

Many event organizers make the mistake of thinking that virtual events are only a worst-case scenario, when an in-person event is impossible. They couldn’t be more wrong! Far from being a substitute, the virtual world is an opportunity to organize events free from many budgetary, geographical, economic, and ecological constraints.

Guaranteeing your event’s success has never been easier than when you go virtual, but there are a number of things to take into account. Read on for our top tips & best advice ;)

Be warned, it will take some leg work – just like in-person events, virtual events also need to be prepared in advance with rigor, planning and passion.

An added bonus, not a replacement

While a face-to-face event differs in many ways from a virtual event, the two can go hand-in-hand so that you benefit from the advantages (and disadvantages!) of each. They are different beasts: they require different resources and achieve different results.

If you want your event to be a success, these two types of events should not be compared. They’re like chalk and cheese!

Consider the advantages of each format and pick the one which best meets your expectations and needs…

Plan ahead, but be realistic

As with any project, success requires good organization.

Why not work backwards from your event to build your strategy schedule? Set your internal & external deadlines and garner a global vision of the work to be done. Remember, you and your team are only human, so keep your expectations realistic and avoid being overly ambitious with what you can achieve in the given timeframe.

We build a “backwards plan’ for a virtual event to inspire you – check it out here!

Don’t neglect communication, the key to success!

To make your virtual event a success, communication must be flawless on 2 counts: internally between the organizers, and externally to promote the event.

Everyone involved in the project has an important role to play, so it’s key to keep each stakeholder informed, and to keep the troops mobilized as well as motivated so that everything goes smoothly!

If people are less experienced, make sure to build in time for them to adapt to new things. Take the time to reassure them, and to explain the opportunities that going virtual can bring to the table.

Attendees also have a major role to play. Depending on your objectives, the quantity of attendees might not be the best metric to measure success, but rather their engagement and interest. Target your communications to reach the people who are most likely to interact at the event and help you meet your objectives.

Establish a communications plan that is aligned with your project. This will help in guaranteeing your event’s success so be sure to devote the necessary time and energy to it!

Play the role of the perfect guest to boost engagement

To make sure your event is full of life and remembered, you need to create opportunities for interaction! Share public messages, be creative, and invite users to take part in activities or to join a debate. The goal is to contribute to the success of your event by creating quality exchanges.

Be innovative: vary the formats and techniques to entice everyone, despite their individual differences.

Create an immersive experience

You can configure AppyFair to your image! Make the most of this feature to immerse your attendees in your world. By customizing each element, you can really make your brand and visual identity stand out, sharing your corporate values and culture with attendees.

Take the time to reflect, review and learn

As with the end of any project, once the event is over it’s of huge benefit to take a look back and reflect on the things that worked well, and what can be improved for next time, if anything! It’s also the chance to learn more about your attendees’ behaviour and study the data to improve upon the user experience for the next edition!

Perhaps you’re not sure how to decide if a virtual event is right for you? Read our article which will point you in the right direction! And if you’re afraid to start, don’t forget Eleanor Roosevelt’s advice: “You must do the thing you think you cannot do,” and you’ll soon see that with our support, you’re more than capable of doing it.

Other advice?

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