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Organizing a virtual fair is great, but making it a real success is better!

Going digital with your events may take some thought at first, but it is for sure the best decision you will take!

The first mistake many event organizers make is to only consider the virtual fair as a direct solution due to the impossibility of organizing a face-to-face event. On the contrary, far from being a substitute, the virtual world allows you to free yourself from many budgetary, geographical, economic, and ecological constraints – it represents a real asset!

Ensuring the success of your event has never been easier than when going virtual, but to make it a success, there are many parameters to take into account. Don’t worry, we will give you all the necessary advice ;)

Careful, “simple” does not mean without work! Just like in person, virtual fairs have to be prepared in advance and require rigor, consistency, and organization.

The best way to make your event complete, but not a substitute!

While a face-to-face event differs in many ways from a virtual event, they can be complementary and each has advantages and disadvantages. They don’t require the same resources or provide the same results.

If you want your fair to be a success, these two types of events should not be compared, being fundamentally different. It is important to project the advantages of each possibility to decide on the solution that corresponds to your expectations and needs…

Plan for a thoughtful and realistic backlog!
As with any project, success requires good organization. What could be more concrete than a retro-planning to set deadlines and especially to have a global vision of the work we still have to accomplish? Be careful not to be too ambitious!

The important thing is to remain realistic about your constraints, but to always free up enough time so that you don’t miss a step! (And if you don’t have an idea of what a retro-planning for a virtual fair looks like, you can always get inspiration from our dedicated guide).

Don’t neglect communication, the key to success!

To make your virtual event a success, you’ll need to make sure that the communication is flawless on 2 levels: communication between organizers and the external promotion of the event.

Each actor of the project will have its importance… Remember to keep each stakeholder well informed, and to keep the troops mobilized and motivated so that everything goes smoothly!
New things can frighten some of your collaborators; take the time to reassure them, and to explain the numerous possibilities that going virtual offers – it is important to show them that interactivity does not disappear despite the distance.

Visitors also have a major role to play. Depending on your objectives, the number of subscribers is not always the best indicator. The most important part is the engaged and interested audience. Targeting your communication is, therefore, essential to ensure that you reach the populations likely to interact at the fair and meet your expectations.
You will need to establish a communication plan that is perfectly in line with your project!

The communication around your event is one of the keys to its success. As one of the essential levers for the success of your fair, you will have to devote the necessary time and not neglect this aspect!

Be an actor in your fair: create interactivity!

To make sure your salon is full of life and remembered, you need to create interaction! Do not hesitate to make public messages, be creative, propose activities or debates to users. The goal is to make your fair a success also by the quality of the exchanges you can create!

Be innovative, and vary the formats and possibilities to meet everyone’s sensibilities.

Create an immersive experience

You can configure the platform to your image, take this advantage to immerse the users’ experiences in your world! By customizing each element, you’ll be able to bring out your brand and visual identity and soak visitors in your corporate values and culture.

Review your achievement and learn from it.

As with the end of any project, it will benefit you to take a look back at your event. Even if this one was a success, it will allow you to learn more about your visitors’ behavior to strive for excellence for the next one!

But maybe before launching a virtual event, you would like to know the right questions to ask yourself? Come and read our article on the subject! And if you’re afraid to start, don’t forget Eleanor Roosevelt’s advice: “You must do the thing you think you cannot do”, but you’ll see that with our support, you’re more than capable of doing it.

Other advice?

Don’t hesitate to go through our articles and dedicated guides!


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