Using virtual events for recruitment & employer branding

Using virtual events for recruitment & employer branding

How can virtual events help you attract future talent? and how can they help you boost retention?

Virtual events can be a great tool to strengthen your employment brand for recruitment. Internal mobility, progression, training, career management, recruitment… Whatever your goals may be, a digital platform offers the chance to create an event in your image and reinforce the relationship with your employees or candidates!

Reach a larger audience and promote equity

Seize the opportunity to use a great interactive tool that everyone can use to access information. Virtual events will free you from any geographical or budgetary constraints and make your event accessible to everyone, including candidates with disabilities.
They are a great way to increase the diversity of your teams: you will be able to reach candidates from all backgrounds, which is a proven asset for boosting creativity and productivity.
Through virtual events your recruitment campaigns can reach a wider audience and increase engagement, both with candidates and your team. Centralise the hiring process, build loyalty, and hire the best talents by using new technology.
For a team spread out across the country, continent or even the world, making in-person meet-ups all but impossible, a virtual team building is a great way to strengthen ties and boost morale. Virtual events can also be used for onboarding, giving new starters the chance to meet their new colleagues, the HR team, and find out all the information they need to make a smooth transition to their new role.
By making information and content easy to access, your employees can see a clear path to progression, filling both their personal objectives as well as corporate objectives. This will lead to a boost in engagement as they see the career opportunities available to them.

Mix up your comms!

Communicating about your virtual event on social media or on your website is a great way to vary your content and show a different facet of your employer brand.
Your employees and potential candidates can consult the job offers available, participate in webinars and conferences, connect and chat with your recruiters and internal mobility advisers, coaches or managers.
With AppyFair, your virtual exhibition will give you the opportunity to share a wealth of content, and configure different spaces to create a tailor-made event that meets your objectives. For example, you can share your employees’ testimonials, different job openings, share career development opportunities or offer virtual tours of your headquarters.

Sell yourself!

By encouraging networking, you transform your employees into ambassadors to talk about your company’s values in all transparency. Whereas posts shared on social networks and websites can seem controlled or policed, conversations between current employees and potential applicants during your event will appear more genuine and authentic, reflecting positively on your corporate culture.
The virtual world allows you to show your workforce that your company is not afraid to innovate or to explore new tools in order to facilitate new connections and boost interaction.

Develop your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR is a key issue for an employer brand. Candidates today are looking for more than just a good salary (though of course that helps!) but also for a company whose values align with their own. These values can be reflected in the choice to host a virtual event rather than an in-person event as you would have a smaller carbon footprint and show greater respect for the planet.
Without the pollution from travel, from printing, catering, and everything else that a face-to-face event entails, when you go virtual you are making an eco-friendly choice which will reflect positively on you as a brand. It’s a win-win: good for the planet, and attractive to eco-conscious candidates!

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