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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ2021-11-25T11:57:05+01:00

Before reading this FAQ…

Some pages on this website will give you immediate and complete answers to certain questions, but the most effective way is, of course, to request a live demo from your sales consultant!

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What is the purpose of a virtual fair?2021-09-30T15:21:29+02:00

A virtual fair allows an event organizer, in all sectors, to gather its participants on the web rather than in a physical place.

The features available on AppyFair enable you to have the same interactions as on a face-to-face event:

  • exhibition rooms
  • meeting rooms
  • rooms for chatting and sharing content
  • conferences rooms

In addition to all of the above, virtual fairs have multiple benefits:

  • very low impact on the planet (carbon and waste)
  • no expensive logistics, transportation, meals and accommodations
  • time economy
  • less resources to allocate to organizing the event
  • complete, reliable statistics on the event’s activity
Who prepares the fair?2021-09-30T14:46:55+02:00

It’s you!

You are in full autonomy thanks an intuitive back-office: our technical team will support you only at the time of the set-up, then off you go!

Your project manager will always be here for you if needed on a daily basis to answer all your questions!

How long do I need to organize my virtual fair ?2021-09-30T15:23:49+02:00

As in a face-to-face event, the preparation time will depend on the theme of your fair, its content, and your communication, and/or sales strategy.

We advise you to schedule a first meeting with our team between 90 to 60 days before the date of your event.

We have made the choice not to provide service for more than 5 fairs on the same day in order to ensure quality support for each of our clients. If you have a precise idea of the dates you would like, do not hesitate to communicate them to us at the time of your request so that we can check if they are available.

Some complex events need to be anticipated 6 months in advance (with an important communication phase, a commercial period for the sale of exhibition space, numerous conferences, etc.), while others can be ready in only 3-4 weeks.

We recommend that you do not underestimate this preparation phase: just because an event is digital does not mean that its organization should be rushed, but rather the contrary! You have a fantastic tool to optimize your communication, your sales, and the investment of your participants.

How many people does it take to organize a virtual event?2021-09-30T15:05:25+02:00

Well, again, it depends of your event!

Some fairs can be prepared by one person part-time, in 3 or 4 weeks.

Others will require a full time team , for the preparation of communication tools, the creation of exhibitors’ content, the support to exhibitors, the preparation of conferences, etc.

As a general rule, our clients plan for one full-time person for a few weeks.

Do I need special skills to organize a virtual fair?2021-09-30T15:01:33+02:00

Above all, like any face-to-face event, organizing a virtual fair requires organization!

On the technical side, you don’t need to be a computer developer or an experienced graphic designer to create your own event. However, we recommend a profile that is comfortable with computers, such as a community manager for example.

How long should my event last?2021-09-30T14:54:39+02:00

How long you plan to make your event last is often a hard question… It is necessary to find the right balance to satisfy exhibitors and visitors, while adapting to the technical capabilities of the solution.

We recommend 1 day for every 5000 user sign-ups. If your show has a lot of exhibitors or the conference program is intense, you can of course adapt this period of time.

Beware, an organizer often thinks it will “satisfy” the exhibitors to increase the duration of an event, but it could have the opposite effect if the visitors are less than expected… It is better to have one intense day, than 5 days where the activity is (too) quiet!


What exactly is included the AppyFair offer?2021-09-30T15:10:38+02:00

AppyFair offers 3 distinct spaces that will allow you to prepare your virtual event:

  • the event’s website, for your communication, but also registration, and organization of appointments before the fair
  • the fair in itself, which will allow participants to exchange on the opening day, and to access the proposed content
  • the back-office, reserved for the organizers, which allows to edit and animate the fair according to your needs

But above all, AppyFair is a dedicated and devoted team, which will guide you in all the preparation steps of your event!

Where is the data hosted?2021-09-30T15:29:25+02:00

All personal data is hosted in France, through the hosting company OVH.

Following the incidents encountered in 2020 by this company (fire in the Strasbourg data center), we have also set up internal procedures for backing up data on remote sites.

How many participants can I host on AppyFair?2021-09-30T15:13:53+02:00

Today, we offer events that can accommodate up to 1000 active users simultaneously on the fair.

As our offer is constantly evolving, we will soon offer possibilities to extend this capacity.


Can I set up an entrance fee for my event?2021-09-29T16:38:51+02:00

For the moment, we have not integrated an online payment solution that allows you to request payment from visitors to register for the fair or conferences.

However, you can redirect visitors to an online ticketing solution (like zendesk, weezevent, or others…), register the sign-ups yourself, and then use our import tool to automatically create their account on the platform. Signing up for the fair on the event’s website will automaticaly redirect to the solution you have selected.

Is AppyFair a multilingual solution?2021-09-29T16:41:56+02:00

Yes, is it a completely international, since we also manage all the different time zones the users will be on!

From the back-office, you can choose to propose only one or several languages. The exhibitors will then also be able to post their contents in several languages, and the language displayed for each visitor will be the one of his browser.

Time differences are also managed, and an appointment made at 14:00 for a French user will be displayed at 08:00 in the agenda of a visitor located in Montreal!

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