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Published on the 13/09/2021.
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“Testimony: International Week with the CCI, what impact on international business development?”

Publication of the 22/02/2021
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“Events: mass cancellation of events weakens the industry”

Publication of the 07/12/2020
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“We look forward to the aftermath with a lot of optimism”: with the covid crises, some businesses have taken off”

Publication of the 12/11/2020
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“Interview – Events during the crisis”

Publication of the 06/11/2020
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“Angers: virtual events to counter the health crisis”

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24/11/2021 issue
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“3D At Home wants to export his virtual events”

11/14/2021 issue
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“The virtual world has this particularity that it does not care about borders”

Publication of the 05/01/2021
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“The blues of work travels”

Publication of the 08/12/2020
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“Their virtual fair’s great success”

Publication of the 16/11/2020
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“Covid restrictions: the sweet start of virtual fairs spot for the start-up 3D at Home”

Publication of the 15/11/2020
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“Montreuil-Juigné. The boom of virtual fairs for 3D at home”

Publication of the 05/11/2020

“The boom of virtual fairs !”

Publication of the 29/10/2020
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“3D at Home’s virtual fairs on the rise with the health crisis”

Publication of the 28/10/2020
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“Virtual fairs boost the activity development of 3D at Home”

Publication of the 20/10/2020

“3D At Home (Montreuil-Juigné, 49), the flourishing development of virtual fairs”